Did you know the zipper wasn't patented until 1917?

Did you know that pale skin during the Elizabethan era was considered beautiful by the upper class?  Women would paint veins on their neck to give the impression they had pale, thin skin.  A mixture of white lead and vinegar, or egg white and talc was used to whiten their skin.

A Chatelaine was a woman's first pocketbook or purse.  It was a chain pinned onto women's clothing and held the key to her house if she was the mistress, and other things she would need for the day, like glasses, scissors, or sewing thimble.

The hoop skirt was first introduced by the Queen of Spain to hide her pregnancy.

Hoop skirts were discontinued because women didn't know they were on fire if they were next to the hearth.  They couldn't get through doorways, and took up the whole settee when sitting down.

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